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We’re a creative consulting company that supports career practitioners, coaches, and organizations, helping increase their impact through interactive workshops and actively engaged coaching.

What we do

Doubleknot Works supports career development organizations and practitioners, increasing their impact through creative, actively engaged learning opportunities. The work we do combines Dr. Norm Amundson’s award-winning and internationally recognized body of work in career counselling and Andrea Fruhling’s creative approaches to career and organizational coaching.

We partner with organizations to creatively design and deliver impactful training and keynote presentations, helping career practitioners make a difference in the lives of their clients and communities.

With a focus on hope, creativity, and connection, we invite people to connect and engage in a process of life-long learning through experiential learning and skill development. Doubleknot training is practical, memorable, and interactive. Participants experience new ways to work with clients whether connecting virtually or in-person.

What we offer


Doubleknot supports career practitioners, coaches, and leaders through virtual and blended learning programs. We work with people and organizations who want to have better, more impactful career conversations. Our courses are practical and experiential, and will change the ways you connect with the people you support.
Our workshops and courses are specifically tailored to suit your needs. We share easy to apply exercises, knowledge, and coaching practices with participants to help them have better conversations while also gaining a better understanding of how to navigate and make their own growth and personal development decisions.
We are constantly learning from the people around us. Doubleknot's founders come from a broad range of disciplines and experiences. Learning together, we are able to look across industries, learning from each other, blending ideas and practices to strengthen the ways we work. With a foundation in career development, we weave together ideas and practices from coaching, counselling, organizational development, leadership, fine arts, design thinking, creative problem solving, and more.

Active Engagement 3-part series

A three-part virtual series based on Dr. Norm Amundson’s award-winning and internationally recognized Active Engagement approach to career development, developed in partnership with the Canadian Career Development Foundation.

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Certification in Hope-Action Theory & Practice

Doubleknot has partnered with the Hope-Action Group to support the delivery of workshops, training and certification for career-oriented professionals and leaders. Providing research-based, practical approaches to increase the hopefulness of the people around you, and building your capacity and confidence to coach and support the people you work with in more impactful ways.

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Doubleknot founders have presented on a wide range of topics for national and international career development conferences and associations. Whether you’re looking for keynote presenters, pre-conference workshops or sessionals, we would love to connect with you.
Previous conference topics include: pivoting in times of uncertainty; working with metaphors; creative approaches to career development; mattering; hope; Guiding Circles and Indigenous career development; and so much more. We love being able to tailor something that fits your unique audience of learners, drawing on our extensive background in the career development field.


Career Coaching

Book a one-off coaching session to chat about your career, talk through a challenge you’re facing, or just see if coaching is right for you. During an initial 45-minute introductory call with Andrea, you’ll be able to draw on her full range of training, mentoring, coaching, and knowledge of available resources. And if you’re interested in longer-term coaching, our work together begins here.


If you’re a career practitioner or coach wanting to develop your skills, Andrea can mentor and help develop your skills through a practice session and feedback loop. Alternatively, she can support you in working with an intervention you’ve learned about through one of our training programs or workshops. You’ll also have the opportunity to explore and brainstorm creative ways of engaging with clients as a practitioner or organization.

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Who we are

Doubleknot founder Andrea Fruhling

Andrea Fruhling, COC, PCC


Andrea Fruhling is a Certified Organizational Coach (UBC), founder of Doubleknot Works, executive director of the Hope-Action Group, and mentor coach/instructor for the Organizational Coaching program at the University of British Columbia. In addition to a private coaching practice, Andrea develops and delivers blended learning courses for career practitioners and organizations all over the world, helping them find more creatively impactful ways to work with clients. Andrea’s work is practical and engaging with a focus on creativity, active, strengths-based learning, team engagement, and hope.

Recently, Andrea developed and co-facilitated “Certification in Hope-Action Theory and Practice”, a course for international career influencers in Singapore. She has developed several asynchronous online courses in partnership with Dr. Norm Amundson and the Canadian Career Development Foundation, and has delivered keynote presentations, workshops, and webinars for national and international career development conferences and associations.In response to the Covid-19 unemployment crisis, Andrea joined an elite panel of career development professionals to provide content for Hope Central, a holistic system developed by Kuder, providing resources for displaced workers and the workforce development professionals supporting them.

Doubleknot lead consultant Dr. Norman E. Amundson

Dr. Norman E. Amundson, Ph.D.

Lead Consultant

Dr. Norman Amundson is a professor emeritus from the University of British Columbia. He has a PhD from the University of Alberta and also holds an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Umea, Sweden. He has worked in the career development field for over 40 years. During this time he has published many books and articles, including a 2018 Anniversary Edition of his nationally award winning book “Active Engagement”. Most recently he has co-authored the books, “Career Flow & Development: Hope in Action” and “Career Recovery: Creating Hopeful Careers in Difficult Times". Many of his books and workbooks have been translated into other languages (Japanese, Korean, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, French, Latvian, Estonian, Romanian, Icelandic, Arabic, Hungarian, Polish, Greek, Dutch).

In his work he emphasizes the importance of creativity, imagination, storytelling, dynamic action, metaphors and hope. Dr. Amundson has presented his work at many national and international conferences (in more than 30 countries). He has also been recognized by many national and international professional associations for his leadership and contributions in the career development field. His training workshops and presentations are practical, engaging, and interactive.

Doubleknot lead consultant Dr. Spencer Niles

Dr. Spencer Niles, Ed.D.

Lead Consultant

Dr. Spencer Niles serves as Professor in the Counselor Education Program at William & Mary, and previously served as Dean, and Professor at the School of Education at William & Mary. He was also a Distinguished Professor and Department Head at the Pennsylvania State University. He is a Past-President of Chi Sigma Iota International and was twice the President of the National Career Development Association (NCDA).

Spencer is the recipient of the NCDA Eminent Career Award, and has been recognized with numerous awards from the American Counseling Association (ACA). His book Career Development Interventions (6th edition) is the best-selling career text in the world. Spencer has spoken at numerous conferences around the world, and taught in over 30 countries. He currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the International Center for Career Development and Public Policy.

Doubleknot technical consultant Nick Fruhling

Nick Frühling

Technical Consultant

Nick is the Product Design Manager for Vancouver tech startup Bananatag, and technical consultant for Doubleknot. Since studying design and illustration at Capilano University, his career has been a lovingly constructed combination of user experience, marketing communications, and graphic design, with plenty of room for illustration. Nick’s lifelong love of solving technical problems with creativity and delight informs daily duties ranging from design operations to people management, where he applies his 20 years of experience to creative leadership, product strategy, and desk toys.

Nick is a regular contributor to Doubleknot’s resources, from publications and course materials to workshop programming. Most recently, Nick and Andrea Fruhling spoke at the Cannexus national career conference on Design Thinking for Career Development.

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