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Active Engagement course series

A 3-part series developed in partnership with the Canadian Career Development Foundation.

Engage: Dynamic Ways of Connecting

Gain a deeper understanding of the career development process and explore creative approaches to career conversations through the Engage: Dynamic ways of Connecting course.
Creatively combining ideas from Dr. Norm Amundson’s award-winning career development book Active Engagement, Anniversary Edition (2018) and Andrea Fruhling’s creative career coaching strategies, you will gain a foundational understanding of career development woven together with the opportunity to ask “what else”, push boundaries, and amplify the work you are already doing.
Progress through this series of webinars, real life career conversation demonstrations, readings and assignments at your own pace, with opportunities to pause, practice and reflect on learnings as progress is made.

Join us on this journey and ENGAGE with clients in new, more impactful ways. Discover the joy of the work, for them and for you.

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Create: Creative Approaches to Career Development

Explore how imagination and creativity can expand career development interventions. Learn to work with metaphors, storytelling, visuals, physical action and more to create new possibilities. Move beyond existing tools to consider adaptations and new applications for individual, group and virtual practice. Gain access to webinars, demonstrations with real clients, resources, readings and assignments, giving you new perspectives on the development and application of interventions.

Stretch your imagination and learn to create new, engaging ways of working with clients.

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Assess: Alternate Approaches to Assessments

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Your hosts

Doubleknot founding partner Dr. Norman E. Amundson

Dr. Norman E. Amundson, Ph.D.

Dr. Norman Amundson is a professor emeritus from the University of British Columbia. He has a PhD from the University of Alberta and also holds an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Umea, Sweden. He has worked in the career development field for over 40 years. During this time he has published many books and articles, including a 2018 Anniversary Edition of his nationally award winning book “Active Engagement”. Most recently he has co-authored the books, “Career Flow & Development: Hope in Action” and “Career Recovery: Creating Hopeful Careers in Difficult Times". Many of his books and workbooks have been translated into other languages (Japanese, Korean, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, French, Latvian, Estonian, Romanian, Icelandic, Arabic, Hungarian, Polish, Greek, Dutch).

In his work he emphasizes the importance of creativity, imagination, storytelling, dynamic action, metaphors and hope. Dr. Amundson has presented his work at many national and international conferences (in more than 30 countries). He has also been recognized by many national and international professional associations for his leadership and contributions in the career development field. His training workshops and presentations are practical, engaging, and interactive.

Doubleknot founder Andrea Fruhling

Andrea Fruhling, COC, PCC

Andrea Fruhling is a Certified Organizational Coach (UBC), founder of Doubleknot Works, executive director of the Hope-Action Group, and mentor coach/instructor for the Organizational Coaching program at the University of British Columbia. In addition to a private coaching practice, Andrea develops and delivers blended learning courses for career practitioners and organizations all over the world, helping them find more creatively impactful ways to work with clients. Andrea’s work is practical and engaging with a focus on creativity, active, strengths-based learning, team engagement, and hope.

Recently, Andrea developed and co-facilitated “Certification in Hope-Action Theory and Practice”, a course for international career influencers in Singapore. She has developed several asynchronous online courses in partnership with Dr. Norm Amundson and the Canadian Career Development Foundation, and has delivered keynote presentations, workshops, and webinars for national and international career development conferences and associations.In response to the Covid-19 unemployment crisis, Andrea joined an elite panel of career development professionals to provide content for Hope Central, a holistic system developed by Kuder, providing resources for displaced workers and the workforce development professionals supporting them.